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Sapmeditour is one of the best Medical Tourism provider in South India with network of advanced quaternary care superspeciality hospitals. We identify ourselves with the advantage of providing Health Care along with Wellness treatment. We have a network of accredited hospitals with top-notch surgeons and uncompromised quality of service that is backend by cutting-edge technology.

Personalised holistic healing programs based on principles of ayurveda and yoga are added advantage of Sapmeditour . In association with sapmedicines we also provide an online platform for medicines, surgicals, fitness equipments , lab test, e-clinic and health programs.




    To become the premier destination for medical tourism in Malabar, known for our exceptional medical expertise, state-of-theart facilities, and compassionate care. We aim to be a trusted partner for international patients, providing them with seamless and comprehensive medical travel services while promoting the region's rich culture, natural beauty, and tourism potential. Our vision includes collaborating with renowned healthcare providers, continuous enhancement of patient safety standards, and contributing to the overall economic development of Malabar KERALA through medical tourism.


To provide high-quality, affordable, and personalized medical tourism services in Malabar, ensuring the best healthcare outcomes and a positive patient experience. We strive to offer a wide range of medical treatments and procedures, along with curated travel and accommodation arrangements, to attract international patients seeking world-class healthcare services.