• Office Time : Mon - Sat 7:00 - 7:00

  • Location : KERALA, KARNATAKA


The Raviz Kadavu is nestled on the banks of the legendary Chaliyar River. Inspired by the Nallukettu style of architecture, the 9-acre spread of The Raviz Kadavu celebrates the art and ethnicity of Kerala.

The Raviz Kadavu has been styled on the Nallukettu tradition of homes and the 9-acre sprawling land has been carefully landscaped using indigenous plant varietals. In fact, almost 90% of the construction material on the property is laterite stone that has been culled out from the land itself.With myriad options of cottages and rooms.

Hotels & Resorts has set out on a journey to present, on a platter, the traditions, culture and hospitality of Kerala to the visiting travellers. You can invariably enjoy the traditional Kerala warmth and hospitality

Location: NH 17, Calicut Bypass Road, Azhinjillam P.O, Malapuram

  • Ayurveda Treatments

  • Panchakarma Treatments

  • Yoga

  • Marma

1. Abhyanga Snana 2. Abhyangam(Synchronized) 3. Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage 4. Foot Massage / Padabhyangam 5. Kalari Massage 6. Udhwarthanam 7. Pizhichil 8. Ksheeradhara 9. Back Massage 10. Dhanyamladhara 11. Shirodhara 12. Thakradhara 13. Choorna Pinda Swedam 14. Pathra Pinda Swedam 15. Chavittithirummu 16. Njavara Kizhi 17. Nethrasekam 18. Dhoomapana 19. Anjana 20. Thalam 21. Kati Vasthi 22. Gandoosha / Kavala 23. Kavalam 24. Keshini 25. Lepanam 26. Pichu 27. Thalapothichil 28. Mukhalepam 29. Tanusree 30. Dinacharya


1. Pranayama 2. Yoga awareness Programme 3. General Yoga 4. Advanced Yoga 5. Surya Namaskar Series 6. Mudras and Bandhas 7. Meditation 8. Satkarmas 9. Yoga for Children 10. Yoga for Insomnia 11. Yoga for Skin Health 12. Yoga to improve Immune System 13. Cardiac health 14. Pain management 15. Yoga for cancer Rehabilitation 16. Yoga for Geriatric care 17. Yoga for Adolescent Care 18. Yoga for Obesity 19. Yoga for Androcare and Blossom at 40

1. Therapeutic marma 2. Generalised marma


Niraamaya Retreats Vaidekam is a green, ecofriendly sanctuary . The property is nestled within 14 acres of tranquil surroundings, offering guests a secluded and serene haven close to the Kuttikol River. The property features 35 rooms that are a perfect blend of contemporary design and oldworld charm.

Niraamaya offers luxury and personalized holistic healing programs designed to cater to individual health goals. Our approach follows a unique integrated focus on physical and mental aspects that have the most significant impact on overall wellbeing. Our expert team of Ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapists, yogis, and chefs provides a safe and nurturing environment, resulting in awardwinning programs that create sustainable journeys towards healthier lifestyles.

Wellness Treatments: Ayurvedic Treatments, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Spa

Location: 1) Kanul, Morazha (PO), Kannur

2) Pallichira, Kumarakom North, Kerala


Woodgreens boasts of having one of the leading Traditional Ayurveda Wellness center in Kerala, offering Ayurveda Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Detoxification Packages and Panchakarma Treatments for all sort of health problems with the help of Experienced Ayurveda Doctors and Medical staff.

Infrastructure: 5 Wooden Cottages, 3 Premium Rooms, Swimming pool, Yoga Hall, Restaurant, Nalukettu and Nadumuttam

Wellness Treatments: Ayurvedic Treatments, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Spa

Location: Kannur-Payyannur, Pariyaram


Tulah is the world’s first Integrated Clinical Wellness Resort designed to help one achieve balance through healthcare, nutrition & fitness, mindful practices, wisdom, learning and awareness programs.

Tulah is about creating a balance between one’s mind, body and soul. True to our ethos, we enable people to find balance physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially through a holistic approach to resting, recovering and renewing oneself. A flagship project of KEF Holdings, Tulah follows the ideology of its parent company – to be different and make a difference.

The resort is slated to open by MARCH 2024

Attractions: Wellness -Tibetan Medical Ceremonies, Yoga, Sports, Healthy eating, Sound Healing, Holistic Living academy, Fitness and Spa. Facilities-30acres, 130 rooms, Organic farming, Radient cooling, Swimming pool.

Location: Chelembra, near Kozhikode Airport