Sargam Koushal

Mrs. World 2022

Welcome to the grand stage where fashion meets sustainability – the International Sustainable Fashion Week. This groundbreaking event brings together designers, innovators, and conscious consumers from around the world to celebrate a new era of style that respects our planet. Here, we'll immerse ourselves in thought-provoking discussions, awe-inspiring runway shows, all aimed at shaping a more ethical and eco-conscious fashion industry. Join us in redefining fashion's footprint and embracing a future where elegance and sustainability seamlessly intertwine.

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Foster & Julie Foster

Founders, Reebok Sports

Sustainable fashion encourages consumers to use environmentally friendly textile dyes and biodegradable fabrics. This indicates that these textiles can be recycled after use. Although eco friendly materials can be difficult to come by, this usually indicates that they are of higher quality. Simply put, it's a term for clothing that is made and worn in a way that can be sustained while safeguarding not only the present but also future generations of people and the environment.

Pamala Serena

Mrs. UAE World

Environmentalists wonder if fashion shows will ever be sustainable as pressure builds on the fashion industry to respond more quickly to the climate and environmental crisis. infinity world media productions , alongside various environment friendly corporate companies is sorting out a manageable design week testing overconsumption and enabling and preparing individuals to have a more practical relationship with style. by altering our fashion habits now, we can guarantee both our own safety and the safety of communities all over the world

Why Showcase in ISFW

An informed, passionate and empowered ISFW community, taking collective action across the World and beyond to have a harm-free relationship with clothing. This is about you! Have fun & explore of the different entry points to sustainability in fashion. 20 Designers, More than 50 models, more than 15 celebrities

Mrs. Solange

Mrs. Canada World, Global Ambassador of UNICEF for Canada


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