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Every venture deserves a hike. Technology serves as the greatest support. The reach is not limited to a few miles. List your hotels to the whole world through Violets. We give you the opportunity to widen your horizon and achieve wonderful clients throughout.

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The team Violets opens a platform to list your hotels and rooms that can easily earn the worldwide market. A better market means better reach and improved demands. It's not just a matter of expanding the overall revenue, to have genuine interests is beyond the point. We are here to help you out. Never ever restrict your authentic living spaces into a segment. Let the world know them through Violets.

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Our job is simple. Violets globalizes your hotels. Complete control relies on you. Listing is all that we are obliged for. And we owe a small, fixed amount for this service. You will showcase your own charges and interacts directly with your customers. The customer payment also falls directly into your account. We are nowhere present as a mediator. These are the key advantages we offer you.
Here the customers find the finest hotels at genuine rates. We make sure the direct access and direct payment within the hotels and the customers. Violets keeps it simple, but loyal. Arise your scope through Violets.

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To facilitate a low-cost listing for the hotels worldwide in such a way that the public gets direct access to the hotels for further enquiries without the interference of a mediator and makes the payments directly.

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To ensure the customers an easy access to genuine hotels at fair costs without any extra charges and to help the hotels to develop a global market as well as to make uninterrupted income.


Economical Listing

You may list your hotels at low prices in Violets.


Greater Reach

Violets opens up a global platform for your hotels to gather clients all over the world.


Direct Customer Interaction

Violets permits you to directly interact with customers so that both parties can ensure the genuineness of each other.


Direct Payment

The payment confirmed by you falls directly into your account without any intervention from Violets.